March 2020

How to Declutter Your Space

By Martin

One of the problems I have is collecting stuff, mostly books and games, but also notebooks that are blank after the first few pages, old bills, network cables, and outdated computer hardware. Not only does all this stuff take up space in my home, it takes up space in my mind. Often, when I look at it, I feel overwhelmed. Am I ever going to read all these books? Will I ever play all of these games? Why can’t IRead More

Why Zen Anything?

By Martin

I am not a zen practitioner, although I have long been interested in zen practice and the benefits thereof, so when it came time to find a name for this blog I decided something beginning with the word zen would be ideal. After trying many, many options, I found the domain was available, and was not taken as a profile on many social media sites. The name called to me if you will and the phrase “Zen Anything isRead More