A Week of Decluttering

It’s been a week since I started the declutter project in my house. The process has been of mixed results for me, mostly because I was not consistent and did not declutter a small portion every day of the past week. I only managed 3 days, but in those 3 days I accomplished a good amount. Went through 2 boxes of papers (old receipts, bills, etc.) and shredded almost all of it. Also went through my clothes and set aside anything that doesn’t fit or I haven’t worn in a year. That filled an entire garbage bag. Donation will have to wait until quarantine is over, but otherwise it’s ready to go.

What did I learn from this week?

I definitely learned not to get down on myself for missing a few days.

I also learned that sometimes you’ll come across items that spark an interest or take longer to make a decision. In my first decluttering post, I mentioned Take No Prisoners. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Christina Tiplea offers 12 Questions to Help You Declutter. I’m starting to put those into practice as I progress.

What’s Next?

I still have a few boxes of papers to sort through. Then there’s the piles of books and games, and don’t get me started on what’s in my garage (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not my car). But it’s a process and I’m getting there.

How are things going on your decluttering journey?

Until next time…