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What is Zen Anything?

Zen Anything is an idea that anyone can improve whatever they are doing through focus and tranquility.

This site is for anyone interested in:

  • Productivity and Reducing Procrastination
  • Essentialism and Simplification
  • Living a better life

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Who is Martin?


My name is Martin Greening. I am 48 years old and originally from Southern California. I now live in Las Vegas with my dog Arya (yes, named after the best character in Game of Thrones IMO).

By day I work as an IT support technician, for which I have earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science, and by night as a part-time blogger. Prior to embarking on a career in IT, I graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Transportation.

I have long looked for an avenue to help people, improve my writing, and generate a passive income. This site is a way for me to chronicle my self-improvement journey and provide insight that you might find useful in your life.

While I write about things that have worked (and not worked) for me, I am not a certified therapist, so please keep that in mind. If you have a serious issue that requires help, please seek assistance from a certified practitioner.

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