Why Zen Anything?

I am not a zen practitioner, although I have long been interested in zen practice and the benefits thereof, so when it came time to find a name for this blog I decided something beginning with the word zen would be ideal. After trying many, many options, I found the domain ZenAnything.com was available, and was not taken as a profile on many social media sites. The name called to me if you will and the phrase “Zen Anything is Possible” jumped into mind.

So what is this?

ZenAnything.com is a few things:

  • Personal journal in my path towards better living
  • Way to help others along their path
  • Passive income source

For many years I have wanted to write more, do more, procrastinate less, be a better person. Like many people, I have jumped from idea to idea, opportunity to opportunity, and let time pass by while not really doing anything. This blog is my commitment to changing that, to improving as a person.

When I was much younger, I was more keen on helping others. I am sad to say that over the years my heart has hardened to a certain degree and I don’t help people as much as I should. That’s not to say I do nothing. I occasionally donate blood, support a charity (my favorite is Heifer International via worldbuilders.org), or briefly volunteer, but I have not done those things consistently. This blog is my commitment to changing that, to helping others as I can.

I think most people would agree that time and money are two things they wish they had more of so they could enjoy the better things in life, such as spending time with family, experiencing what life has to offer, and helping other people. I’m no different. Over the past few decades I have dabbled with money-making ideas outside of my primary employment, but none of them have lasted very long and none of them have really earned me any money. This blog is my commitment to changing that, to earning passive income so I can accomplish the previous two endeavors.

Where do we go from here?

We take the first step. For me, that’s bringing you great content. For you, this means:

Thank you. Until next time…